A large book of such power and impact, that it was impossible not to feel the effects long after putting it down.  

The author weaves her words skilfully leaving you in wonder—causing you to ponder deeply about your life, and all the mysteries of your Universe that you thought could not be solved.  

A must read for anyone who has hurdles within their life that they are struggling to come to terms with, and an all-round good read for anyone who lives in our hectic world today and needs an anodyne for the mind.

It’s a miracle cure for those who have lost their way, and need insight and awareness to see the path ahead—out of the darkness.  The questionnaires within the volume are homework for the soul.  

Congratulations to Lorraine Nilon for her outstanding work.

Jan Peters of AbsoluteProof


Through the knowledge and learning of Your Insight and Awareness Book I have finally found out what being real with life and myself is truly about. You learn how to be truthful to yourself and resolve your unresolved emotions. Not to try and push them down, run from them or try and band-aid them because, as we all know, we can’t.

You learn how to really like yourself, trust in whatever you are experiencing at the moment, to resolve your emotions and evolve from your denial. It’s ok to fall from grace because that’s how your soul shows you what you are learning from, to resolve out of and rise from in your grace. This is the process of your life evolution. You learn to really trust in your soul blueprint, your journey in life. Life is real, feel it, experience it. Live it in truth. No one else can do it for you. Only you.

Wendy Taylor

Gunnedah NSW