Curiosity allows you to look, but truthfulness enables you to see.

 When you become emotionally overwhelmed,   curiosity can be replaced with apathy, which   leaves you feeling emotionally, socially and spiritually impoverished. Curiosity is the first step on a path to self-discovery and   truthfulness is acknowledging what the path reveals to you. Curiosity is essential to any recovery process. It is the motivator to be brave, to look up from despair and see   opportunity.

When you lose the inclination to be curious   you can become trapped by the despair created by the loss of hope. Lack of curiosity about the truth of yourself can leave you believing you are unremarkable, which means you are unable to see and feel the truth of your soul.

Curiosity unleashes the explorer within your soul, which enables you to become a traveler instead of being stuck in the waiting room of your own emotional limbo, waiting for freedom to find you.

Excerpt from Emerging Awareness – Lorraine Nilon

Illustrator Katherine Close