About Lorraine

Soul Intuitive®, Author, Insightful life coach, Educator, Philosopher, Life researcher, Speaker 

Lorraine Nilon is a soul intuitive®. She has a heightened awareness of the cause and effect of unresolved emotions, and the true nature of who we are hidden beneath the emotional baggage we all carry.

Lorraine Nilon portraitLorraine has spent decades honing her skill of being able to read both the conscious and unconscious energy of soul systems. She tracks energy, and can insightfully explain the complexities and origin of unresolved emotions. Lorraine has an innate understanding of the barriers that restrict our awareness of the authenticity of who we are, and of how our avenues of being indifferent to truth separate us from the true essence of our souls. Her insight and awareness reflects her respect for the uniqueness and equality of all souls, and her willingness to stand in her own truth.

Lorraine has been formulating the Insight and Awareness anthology through her own personal experience, and from the countless workshops and private sessions with others. Lorraine’s insight has encouraged many people to uncover and to be at peace with their emotional reality, and to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Lorraine explores life with grounded spirituality, and views truth as a trusted friend. This enables her to instinctively recognise what we can all learn from our interactions with each other and the world we live in. Her writing exposes the duality of the energy we create, in both our authenticity and separation from our awareness of truth. She highlights that we are the creators of energy that impacts the world we live in and that we have freedom of choice.

The Insight and Awareness anthology has developed from Lorraine’s tenacity to seek the authenticity of herself, and to share her insightful awareness of truth, energy and the exquisiteness of who we naturally are, with other curious souls. Her distinctive style of writing leads others to become active participants in exploring the multi-facets of themselves and truth.

‘I perceive life like a river; life has its own ebb and flow and the current is taking you to your own unique opportunities. We are all experiencing the river of life and share the river, but we are all still significant, unique, independent, individual souls within the river. We each contribute energy to the river of life. This creates a symphony wherein the truth of both conscious and unconscious energy is continuously exposed.’

Author of

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