For Curious Souls

Hi, I’m Lorraine Nilon, a Soul Intuitive®.
Creator of Insight & Awareness.

Throughout my journey I have come to realise people feel increasingly disconnected, disillusioned and disengaged from their own authenticity.  

I love working with curious souls, fellow explorers who are looking to get real about themselves and are willing to embrace the journey of resolution and evolution.

Are you an explorer too?

I teach self-reflection, and the fundamentals of having a deep and meaningful relationship with your soul and others through insight and awareness.


We have a global problem of disconnection, and resolution start with individuals. There is a disconnection from our souls, truth, each other and our host - Earth.

Regardless of who you are and what you have experienced, you deserve to reconnect, recover and rejuvenate.

Reconnect to the meaningfulness of your own existence.
Recover from the wounds you carry.
Rejuvenate the way you interact with life.

Your relationship with your soul, (yourself) deserves to be acknowledged as the most important relationship you have.

When we individually recognise this, we interact with your core essences such as integrity, kindness and compassion.

That has got to make the world a better place to be.

A message for curious souls – fellow spiritual explorers.

You are in the right place if you want to understand yourself better, and want to resolve why you are:

Struggling to come to peace with your past,

Riding your own merry-go-round of self-judgment, negative beliefs and fears of not being good enough

Or feeling an unexplained internal void.

If you have felt disconnected, disillusioned and disengaged from your own authenticity, life and your relationships, explore the website.

See if we spark your curiosity, then do your soul a favour and follow your curiosity.

‘May you find the courage and honesty to explore
beyond your limited perception of yourself,
to discover the truth of who you are.’


Insight & Awareness workshops


Lorraine Nilon and Insight & Awareness workshops have:

  • Helped me break habits I’ve been stuck in for lifetimes
  • Taught me how to be resilient, trusting myself before what others think of me
  • Introduced me to the reality of emotional independence so that I can be around people behaving badly and not have to demand that they change so I can be OK
  • Given me a voice, meaning and purpose to my history of abuse
  • Enabled me to be the rock in my children’s lives
  • Given my children freedom from their parent’s unconsciousness (soon after working with Lorraine, my children began to sing again)


Unravelling a knotted ball of wool


Lorraine finds where a type of negativity arises from and can show people how that develops into a pattern or belief system that takes them further from their soul truth.

It’s unravelling a knotted ball of wool so you can knit it into something useful.

She is a great detective and is fearless in her approach. She doesn’t shy away from telling people the hard stuff they don’t want to hear, sometimes with a personal cost. She wants truth on all levels and she wants that for all people.

Lorraine a bit of a warrior detective cartographer counsellor and guide. And she is patient. 


Breaking Free from the Chain of Silence

I found your book  Breaking Free from the Chain of Silence educational 

It’s a great resource book and teaching tool to introduce to teachers in schools, and university. 

We need to first educate the teachers on how to teach their students and prepare them for what is out there, your book is a platform for others to understand how prevalent and wide spread denial about such issues as child rape and the long term healthy issues survivors face has become in our world. 

It’s my honest opinion of the book, I hope this help you.. CristinaMagnante  of Cristinas house of hope. 

Your Insight and Awareness Book

Never read a book and have been able to even understand or even remember what the last sentence said but this different. I legitimately finish reading the last line of a page, have a moment, take it all in and feel a slight warm feeling around my body. I don’t know how to explain it, but everything I have read is mostly stuff I have thought about or had the same view on, but it puts everything into writing to help me better understand and expands on everything I need.  


Inspires you

Lorraine’s natural ability to expose your truth in a non-judgemental way, inspires you to become a better version of yourself and explore and accept who you truly are. 

Monique Carpenter 

Willing to help

It’s very refreshing to have someone who is willing to help individuals go to places even themselves don’t want to go because, well I can only speak for myself, because deep down I am becoming tired of the deception, lies and treachery I tell myself and hold myself to. Lorraine has a non-judgmental, honest, open approach that delivers the message in a truthful manner without control and in a way that the individual will understand. She can listen and ‘read’ what the individual is saying and relay it back in a really simple, easy to understand way.

C Lane 

Insight & Awareness developed over 20 years, offers various ways to explore the significance of life and the true essence of your soul. All of which, leave you with a deeper understanding of how to get real about soul maturity and spiritual growth. 

The books, workshops, webinars and online courses are designed to be maps, torches and tool kits that assist you on your independent journey to experience feet-on-the-ground spirituality. I and my team provide support, insight and direction that enables you to challenge beliefs that restrain your true potential and explore your own uniqueness.  

You are not going to get your spiritual ego stroked, but your soul will be nurtured as you are guided to become more self-reflective and accepting of your own value, worth and significance. You’ll confront your own emotional baggage with awareness and learn to contemplate and embrace the things that matter.  

You will broaden your understanding of the complexities of unresolved emotions and build a genuine relationship with your own soul. Insight & Awareness assists you to uncover and operate from the core essence of the authenticity of who you naturally are. 

Resolution of your unresolved emotions and evolution of your soul occurs when curiosity meets clarity.